Creative personal statement prompts – 2022

It is not always easy to write about yourself. You should possess effective techniques for writing an outstanding personal statement. Simply put, the personal statement is your take on your own experiences, abilities, skills, goals, and opinions. For students, a great personal statement opens doors for great colleges and scholarships. One of the professors helped me write my essay when I was applying for college. Guidance from experts is highly imperative in this regard.These are highly competitive times in the educational sector. You can always take help from a reliable essay writing service for writing an effective personal statement. However, you can also check out various online guides in this regard. There is a large variety of personal statement prompts out there. We will be discussing some personal statement prompts that are quite creative.Below given are some prompts followed by a light note on suggestions and ideas.

Which famous personality are you most impressed by? And what lessons do you derive from that personality?
Writing on this prompt could be tricky at times. Students sometimes choose controversial personalities, undermining the chances of their selection. You should choose a personality that is generally loved by everyone such as Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill. Subsequently, you are supposed to choose those aspects of the personality that are relevant to current times.If you were able to use a time machine, which era in history would you travel to and why?

Answering this prompt is not easy because you need to have basic knowledge of history. You should choose an era which is most celebrated today, for instance, Renaissance. It should be visible in your statement that you have a fairly sufficient idea about the conditions of that era. The answer to “why” should reflect that there is something in those times that should be applied today.Why do you want to join this college? How can you add value to this college?

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You need to state that this college would add to your personal as well as professional growth. Additionally, cite some famous personality or prominent feature associated with that college in your write-up. In answer to the second question, do not give an impression that something is lacking in this college.If you think writing is not your cup of tea then you can hire an essay writing service.If you were given a chance to be president of the US, what steps would you take to make American lives better?

For this prompt, you should have a basic understanding of the political and socio-economic dynamics of the US. You are required to pinpoint a few issues that have not been addressed fully. Subsequently, you should try to choose those issues such as racism and homelessness which everyone believes should be resolved. You can also come up with a less discussed issue in this regard, but it should not be controversial.What long-term role do you wish to play as an American? Elaborate.

Your long-term goal should not be limited to yourself or your community. The phrase “as an American” demands you to be inclusive and humanitarian. For instance, if you only wish to make work for Native Americans then some of the members of the selection committee might not like it. In essence, try to be as careful as possible.If you were able to remove one year from your life, which one would it be and why?
While answering this prompt, you should not choose that year that showcases your weaknesses and faults. You have to include that year in which you were treated unjustly or were the victim of abuse. In the end, you should make a case as to why it is necessary to remove all kinds of wrongs in society.If you had a chance to be reborn, which country would you choose as your native country and why?
If you mention some country in Africa or the Middle East, then it would not leave a good impression. You would be well-advised to choose a Scandinavian country or a western European country. In addition, you are supposed to mention a few things or conditions in that country which the US lacks. Remember if you get stuck at some point then you can always opt for an online essay writer in this regard.Mention one quotation that left a lasting impact on your life. Elaborate.

There are numerous quotations out there that are full of wisdom. However, you should choose a quotation that was said by a famous and least controversial person. The quotation should not be simplistic and too obvious. It should have a distinct message related to such themes as science, progress, justice, and equality.Do you think America is the greatest country in the world? Why or why not?
In such prompts, it is wiser and safer to take a stance in favor. Taking a negative stance would highly decrease your chances of getting selected. After going in favor, give solid and well-informed reasons as to why America is the greatest nation. Furthermore, citing facts and figures increases your chances of selection.What personality traits do you develop when you visit school, meet friends, visit a church and do community service?
Mention the traits concerning all of them separately. For instance, discuss traits firstly in relation to school followed by friends and so on. You should elaborate on how all of them add distinct personality traits to you.To the end, it is stressed that sometimes prompts are quite challenging and confusing. It is advisable to take the help of a professional essay writer in this regard. Nevertheless, you can also build your writing skills by dedicated study and practice.

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